Classic Adult Ministry

The Senior Adult Ministry Team attended a conference led by Dr. Amy Hanson that really opened our eyes to amazing concepts in working with this age group.  She had five main points to consider when engaging today’s older adults:

1. Respond to the diversity among the older adult population.  Consider different groups, not just by chronological age but also functional (physical health), psychological, and social needs.  Think about this in terms of opportunities for ministry.

2. Make evangelism and spiritual growth priorities.  Never stop growing in a faith that faces the struggles of all the changes in life.

3. Create ministries that help people age well.  Meet needs concerning physical health, mental health, and engagement with life.

4. Emphasize missional service.  Seniors need to be doing something meaningful and productive with their lives.

5. Integrate older adults into the entire church.  Inter-generational ministry demonstrates that all ages are valuable and important to God.

Our challenge now is to create ministries that respond to senior adults’ current needs and life issues.  The classic adult ministry we have begun is starting to respond to those felt needs.


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